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The Coronavirus has now halted Corona beer production

Corona Beer COVID-19 Shutdown

This story is almost too ironic to be true. Back as the coronavirus was on its way to being a pandemic, internet searches spiked for “corona beer virus.” In hindsight, SARS and MERS weren’t really referenced in main stream media frequently as a strain of coronavirus. So, you Google what you know.

Despite some confused by the name, Corona beer sales didn’t suffer. In fact, they soared. It seemed my Corona was getting the better end of the deal as the world shut down.

Like most peoples jobs and social activities, COVID-19 has come for Corona beer as well. Today, Grupo Modelo announced they will be suspending production after being deemed unessential by the Mexican government.

Constellation Brands, who distributes Corona in the United States states that there is about 70 days of inventory left before it disappears for a while. Depending on the duration, most Americans may not seen any supply disruption at all.

Corona is exported to more than 180 countries worldwide.

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