A1 Family

Full line of A1 original and new brews.

Original Pilsner

A European style Pilsner with aromas of earthy and spicy hops.  Light-bodied and crisp with a dry finish. Flavors of spicy hops and light earthiness with a crisp dry moderately bitter finish. Bavarian Lager yeast with cold fermentation followed with German pilsner malts and Magnum, Hersbrucker, Saaz and Tettnang hops.

Lancer | Pale Ale

A beautiful full-bodied Pale Ale with golden to deep amber in color. Medium body, with floral and citrus notes. A maltier, more caramel-forward profile.

Roadrunner | Triple Belgium

A deep golden hue, spicy aromatics, and complexity. Leading to a peppery, citrusy finish.

Hibiscus | White ALE

Unfiltered, top-fermented wheat beer.  Aromas of Hibiscus, Coriander, and Orange Peel. The flavor follows nicely with a moderately spicy hop and Belgian yeast effect buoyed by a soft malt body.  The finish is crisp, dry and color of cloudy Rose Water.

Sundial | Hefeweizen

Traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen. Cloudy with hints of clove and banana and a straw-colored appearance with a thick, creamy head. Low bitterness, refreshing and smooth.  We serve it without a lemon unless requested.

Salted Caramel | Imperial Stout

A complex Full-bodied, dark ale. Silky smooth creamy and rich on the palate, bittersweet chocolate, and Carmel grace the flavor.

Arizona’s Low-Calorie | A-1 Light Beer

Low-Calorie Lager. Crisp, without a hoppy flavor with a very gentle malty finish brewed with Alsace’s native Strisselspalt hops.  A low-calorie beer coming in at 89 calories.

OLÉ | Mexican Lager

A light crushable Mexican lager. Light straw color with a refreshing crispness accentuated by the addition of rice. Flaked corn provides the smooth mouthfeel found in Mexican lagers. Hopped with the king of noble hops, “Saaz,” to provide a nice hop spiciness.

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